Tools for Baking

Have you ever wondered, “What tools do I need to make baking and cake decorating easier?”.  Or have you said to yourself “Is there a better way to do this?”.  Well you are not  alone. Finding the right baking and cake decorating supplies can be hard and confusing, especially with so many different baking tools to choose from. 


So where do you start? According to the book “The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating” which you can find on my website. The author Autumn Carpenter gives a list of the basic cake baking supplies you need. According to Carpenter a batter separator is very useful to have so that you can bake two different cake flavors at the same time, which is perfect if you would like to make a layered cake. Another essential tool are brushes such as pastry, fine bristle, flat, soft bristle, and stencil brushes. They are used for different types of decorating like removing crumbs from the pan, painting details on the cake, applying gum pastes and dusting powders. Make sure though that you save your brushes only for baking, otherwise they will pick up odors and flavors you don’t want in your cake. One of the more obvious tools to have is a cake pan, but did you know that they come in more shapes and sizes besides circles and squares? They do indeed! Cake pans can come in a variety of shapes and themes to go with whatever special occasion you may be planning for. Feel free to check out the cake pans that are offered on my website. The second to last item on the list is a cake slicer- which is used to level a cake to if it has a dome or to separate a cake for torting. Last but not least you will need cake testers which are long stainless steel rods that are inserted into a cake to see if it is done, and cake strips which are insulated strips that go alongside the pan to make sure the sides don’t get too hot.


I hope this post was helpful to you.  Like always it is my goal to help you and your family bake sweet memories.

Melissa ,

Cake Decor Etc